UX Design 2020

What if you could design AND help shape a better future as well?If you are tired of futile graphic design and want to put your skills and creativity at the service of a more meaningful purpose, than keep reading. Look, style, trends. They are all around us, and it's just fine, but when they are devoided of meaning, and they far too often are, they just add to the growing shallowness of the world. Design should be more than just aesthetic, design should be for the people. And, in fact, it is. This is where User Experience comes in. UX Design is a human-centered approach heavily focusing on empathy that is transforming the business industry for the good. Better products, interfaces, contents, spaces, and services designed to make life easier for people. Companies are beginning to understand that useful products and customer person satisfaction are essential elements to the success of any business. And that is why UX design jobs are on the rise (one of the 25 highest paying entry-level jobs of 2019, according to Glassdoor). And that is why you're probably reading this, too. My name is Theo Farrington. I'm a senior UX designer and director helping worldwide businesses create value by combining product, business, and user goals. I've started my career as a graphic designer, then fell in love with the user experience world, and made the move that led me to a fulfilling career in the field. In this book, I will introduce you to the fundamentals of UX design, such as: What is UX, and how bad and good design secretly shape our behavior The key principles to make valuable design for users The Design Process from goal definition to user research and launch How to wireframe, test, develop and iterate to fit people needs An introduction to visual design principles How to get out of your head, and design for real life How to put empathy at the center of your design process How UX designers can use their superpowers to foster social impact What are the user experience job opportunities out there, and how to lend a high salary UX job User experience is everywhere, from the dress you're wearing to the smartphone you're holding. As UX designers we are the architects of everyday human interactions and experiences. That gives us tremendous power. Like saving lives by designing brilliant medical apps, or shaping the future world by designing the internet of things. Intrigued? Then Learn UX Design today and shake your career up! Scroll up and click the BUY NOW button to grab your copy!

Published: 2020-06-28

Author: Theo Farrington

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