What (Really) Goes Into Amazon Web Services That Works! Here's a Quick and Easy Guide to Learn about AWS Get your hands on this new book and start getting advantage of the tools used by the pros even if you are new to AWS. You will develop the skills to use these services, like DNS web and E-mail service, Elastic Compute Cloud, enhanced security, Storage and CloudWatch and more about the wide range of remote cloud services. Here's what's packed in this how-to guide: Discover what can Amazon Web Services do and how to use it with confidence Learn about Cloud Computing - What is behind it? Find out the "Why" and "How" of Amazon Web Services You'll learn the Traditional Software Licensing vs SAAS-and the differences Find the Advantages of cloud computing for private users Discover the benefits of cloud storage for businesses Learn the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing Find the advantages and disadvantages of cloud advantages of cloud hosting for companies This brilliant guide brings to you all the essential practical tips for working with Amazon Web Services. This great book explains enough to understand the subject, without getting bogged down in the details. This is an all-to guide in shifting your perspective on the capabilities of the platform so you can successfully utilize it as a high-level AWS user. You will also find: Simple to understand ideas on how to use your Amazon Echo effectively Amazon Prime Video, Easy to follow instructions that get you started straight away How to use your Amazon Alexa commands, even the easiest way to control your tv. Would You Like to Learn How? Scroll up and click the "add to cart" button to buy now!

Published: 2020-01-21

Author: John C Evans

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