Seeking First the Kingdom

Are you newly intrigued by Jesus Christ? Do you want to follow him more closely? This is book for you. Maybe you have been a Christian for a long time. Has your faith become a bit stale and are you longing for some fresh encouragement? This is a book for you. Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey and long to know Jesus better or you have encountered obstacles along the way that you find discouraging, this is a book for you.Seeking First the Kingdom is full of practical examples and down-to-earth wisdom which will show you how to bring Christ into each facet of your life. In these 30 meditations, you'll learn: how to bring every dimension of your being into your relationship with God, how to handle the emotional roller coaster of everyday life, how to overcome spiritual obstacles and roadblocks, ways to develop virtue and grow in holiness. Along the way, you'll discover how to cultivate a deep and joy-filled friendship with Christ - an adventure that begins today, here on earth, and continues for all eternity.

Published: 2014-08-13

Author: John Bartunek

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