Max Barry returns with the novel that started it all – the hilarious and biting, cult sensation Syrup. Scat is young, confused, and underemployed with dreams of being rich, shallow, and famous. So when he comes up with a million-dollar marketing idea for a hot new brand of cola, he's sure he's found his ticket to the Los Angeles fast lane. But in the treacherous waters of corporate America there is no sure thing – and suddenly Scat has to save, not only his brilliant idea but, his yet-to-be-realised career. With the help of scarily beautiful and brainy 6 – who has all the angles Scat so desperately desires – he sets out on a mission to reclaim the fame and fortune that, time and again, elude him. Outrageously funny, smart, and hip, Syrup is a hilarious send-up of marketing, celebrity, corporate and sexual politics, and the lengths to which a young man will go to get ahead and get a date.

Published: 2008

Author: Max Barry

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