Bishop's Queen

He thinks fairy tale endings aren't real¿ They used to call Evan Bishop the golden boy. He had it all and was about to close the business deal of a lifetime, then marry the woman of his dreams. But everything goes wrong when someone tries to kill him. A faceless enemy wants to destroy his family's empire and see him dead, but the bomb meant to kill him fails. He wakes up from a coma to find his face scarred and his brother missing and wanted for murder. Now he hides away from the world as he tries to find and rescue his brother. She's about to prove him wrong¿Isla MacDonald isn't walking away from Evan just because he's decided to shove her out of his life. He blames himself for the bombing that got her father killed and nearly killed him-but he's wrong. After all attempts to see him fail, she tries to resume her life and take over her father's business firm. Though it's not her dream, she wants to honor his legacy and finish the deal that will save thousands of jobs. When someone tries to kill her-twice-she needs a bodyguard, and Evan decides it's up to him to keep her safe. He comes out of hiding to protect her, putting on a show as the caring fiancé. But he won't let her back into his life or into his heart. To fight for their future, they'll have to resurrect the past and stay alive long enough to expose the man determined to see them both dead.Endgame Trilogy, #2

Published: 2019-10-15

Author: Katie Reus

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