The Solopreneur Life

The Truth About Being a Solopreneur It can be very difficult to find accurate information about what it's really like to be a solopreneur. In The Solopreneur Life learn the truth about what it takes to succeed. Find out the actual strategies and tactics that work for successful solopreneurs. In The Solopreneur Life, 42 solopreneurs share with you: • Why they started their businesses • The best decisions they made when launching their businesses • Their costliest mistakes and what they learned from them • Strategies for staying competitive • Their biggest challenges and what they're doing to solve them • What they would do if their businesses failed • Advice for aspiring solopreneurs • What they would do differently, if they were starting all over • And more This Book Could Save You a Lot of Money (and Misery) Before you make the huge commitment of time, money, and effort that it takes to start a solo business, find out if it's the life that you really want to live. If you're already a solopreneur, learn to avoid the costly pitfalls that can damage your business. The Solopreneurs The solopreneurs featured in The Solopreneur Life come from around the world. Their ages vary greatly. Their level of experience as solopreneurs ranges from "just started" to veteran. They work in different industries. Taken together, their thoughts give us a snapshot of how to succeed and achieve happiness in the solopreneur life.

Published: 2011-10-11

Author: Larry Keltto

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