The Tiger in the Well

The gripping mystery series from the creator of His Dark Materials series continues... With her little daughter, Harriet, a successful business and a family of good friends, Sally seems to have it all at last. But that's about to change. A man she's never met before has filed charges against her claiming that she is his wife, and she has taken their daughter from him. Soon her reputation is in ruins, herbank account and home have been seized and she's on the run from the law.Whoever put the mysterious man up to this plot seems to know her well and has made it impossible for her to disprove his claims. Desperate, Sally takes to the streets of London in an attempt to hide her daughter.As her enemy and the authorities close in on her, Sally must discover who could possibly hate her so much that they would take the one thing that matters most to her - Harriet.

Published: 2005

Author: Philip Pullman

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