The Financial Times Guide to Strategy

The most authoritative, easiest-to-use business strategy guide--now fully updated with the latest strategic models, tools, and techniques! • •The complete strategy resource for corporate and business unit leaders. •Fully revised for today's economic challenges. •Walks through creating, delivering, understanding, and executing on strategy. •Explains which questions to ask, where to find answers, and how to act on them. •A-Z reference sections cover key thinkers, tools, techniques, and models. In the Fourth Edition of this easy-to-read and logically-structured guide, Richard Koch leads readers through every critical step in creating, delivering, and understanding successful strategy. Ideal for executives and strategists at both the corporate and business unit level, this book guides readers in asking the right questions, finding the answers, and translating those answers into action. This edition has been thoroughly updated throughout, reflecting the latest best practices and today's challenging economic realities. Its separate A-Z reference sections provide authoritative, fully up-to-date introductions to today's most important strategic thinkers, tools, techniques, and models.

Published: 2011

Author: Richard Koch

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