The 100 Best Business Books of All Time

"A Good Business Book offers a ton of value for less than thirty dollars and a few hours of attention. And a greatbusiness book can change your life. It's not easy to find those gems, though, in the endless stream of new books. Jack Covert, Todd Sattersten, and Sally Haldorson, with a combined sixty years in the business book industry, have made it their job to be that filter. They've taken on the ultimate challenge - to reread the classics the bestsellers, and the sleepers and choose the hundred most relevant, most revealing, most useful books in business history. Now updated with five new reviews, The 100 Best Business Books of All Timehighlights important takeaways and puts each book in context so that you can quickly find solutions to your current situation. At the end of each review, you'll find recommendations for other books (both inside and outside the top 100) that you should read next. Sprinkled throughout are sidebars that take you beyond business books to movies, novels, and children's books. You'll find a fresh look at classics such as Good to Great, The Essential Drucker, and The Tipping Point, as well as recommendations that might surprise you. For instance- - Turn to page 16 for BrenU Brown's words of inspiration. - Turn to page 34 to find out why Dr. Seuss isn't just for kids. - Turn to page 248 to learn Eric Ries's groundbreaking approach to entrepreneurship. The 100 Bestwill help anyone, from entry-level worker to CEO, cut through the clutter and discover the business books that are truly worth their time."

Published: 2016

Author: Jack Covert

Author: Sally Haldorson

Author: Todd Sattersten

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